Kawung Card Name Box produced by Kriya Nusantara is able to showcase and incorporate Indonesian culture and arts into contemporary craft.

Other gift that was provided for the delegates was name card decorated with kawung batik [pictured above] pattern from Kriya Nusantara that was based in Bandung. The gifts were given in a gala dinner on the first day of KTT-LB OKI at Balai Sidang Jakarta, Minggu (07/03/2016).

The gifts showed that crafts and products created by Indonesian people contain cultural value. Besides giving the gifts, the gala dinner served various Indonesian food, such as bubur kampiun (kampiun porridge) and other food that were rich with spice.

For the main course, the president and the governments ate rice, prawn seasoned with various spices and lime leaves, fried squid coated with honey, sautéed vegetables with garlic and pickled vegetables.


KTTB-LB OKI was attended by 55 delegates who would discuss two documents regarding Palestine and Al Quds Al Syarif (Holy City Jerusalem): resolution and declaration documents. Resolution document contained the reaffirmation of OKI’s members that focused on Palestine and Jerusalem where Masjidil Aqsa stood now. Declaration document, in the other hand, was shorter and denser as it contained future plans to execute ideas from the members of OKI regarding Palestine and Jerusalem.

“This meeting is held to strengthen the outcome of documents that would be discussed tomorrow in March 7 2016. The OKI’s extraordinary general meeting is one of Indonesia’s efforts to contribute to the international world as it is one of four Indonesia’s international affair policies,” said Indonesian minister of foreign affair to press after OKI’s 5th EGM for Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif.


source: rimanews.com, detik.com